Jan. 16th, 2014

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Work has started up, and as a result, I've started to consume more than create. Exhaustion plays a part, no doubt, but only a part. It might be that the great surge of productivity I was riding is at its end. It also might be that I am falling back on bad habits. Once I get home and sit down, it takes an hour or more for me to get around to doing anything, a problem when I don't get home until pretty late.

That's just an excuse, though. I bet I can get more done if I actually tried, or wanted to... or tried.

That said, here's some gibberish about the media I've been consuming:

Welcome to Night Vale, Boys' Love comics, and Kill la Kill.... )

Finishing up everything for Comic City next week. (Only 10 days away and there's still so much to do. ...How likely is it that I sell anything?) Thinking of making a costume for the occasion, or at the very least shaking the dust off one of my wigs.

It's a shame that I lose several hours a day staring into space, thinking about nothing... trying to forget that I exist suck have things to do.

I keep thinking about joining in on A Month of Letters. If I do, my mother and sister are going to be getting a lot of letters from me in February. (It'll be just like the New Year cards every year. I make them, but I only have one or two people to mail them to. It's rather sad, isn't it.) They won't be the only recipients, but I think they'll be the only ones not annoyed by my letters. (At least, I hope they won't be annoyed...)


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