Jan. 25th, 2014

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Creeping past 1 am, and still so much to do. Comic City is this weekend (yay!), and I'm still not ready (booooo!). I just hope I don't end up dropping from exhaustion/lack of sleep so badly that I end up oversleeping and missing the event altogether.

How much should I ask for a Matryoshka Snape? One person I asked said $30 is okay, while another said she wouldn't pay more than 10, maybe 15. Neither of them knew it was the professor, only that it is an overly-detailed doll that takes way too much time to make. (Not sure if that would have influenced their opinion.)

(I just realized I should have asked the one woman I know that has sold felt dolls at a Comic City before... Shiiiieeeeeet.)

Not for the first time this week, I find myself questioning the need for sleep. It just takes away so much precious time...

If I ever do this again, I'm going to "convince" a few friends to help with the grunt work: cut, laminate... go out and buy three more cans of Red Bulls and maybe some sandwiches while they're there. Or maybe spend even less time sleeping. Who needs sleep, anyway? Batman does pretty well without it.

Still no writing this week. Too busy doing all the grunt work. After all this, returning to good, old-fashioned writer's block and "the fear of every single word I commit to paper and how everything I write is utter crap" will feel like a well-earned vacation.

... How much Red Bull is too much, again?


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