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My spring vacation was long and, aside from the knitting and my new interest in Supernatural, utterly forgettable.

April has been so completely jacked for me. Work started up on the 14th, but two weeks in, I still hadn't been able to re-find my footing. Hell, I had trouble just remembering the date, and that the month was nearly 2/3s over.

What's more, just as I got used to the 5-to-7 again, BAM, a super-extended Golden Week: 5 days off, plus 5 more because I'm so amazing. Because what I need the most right now is More Free Time.

Today's sketch is pretty much the first bit of semi-serious doodling I've done since January March. I don't know if I should finish it, or leave it, or color it, or go all sexy monochrome on it. I'm trying not to think of why I haven't really doodled anything in months.

Or, for that matter, why I haven't been able to sit down and write something lately. The fact that writing stresses me out and I'd rather do ANYTHING ELSE than try to put words to paper shouldn't be an excuse, but I can't overcome this fear of filling the blank page with bad writing or, worse than that, editing the blocks of really bad writing into something remotely good enough for consumption.

Can I even call myself a "writer" when I refuse to write at all?

Hell, I started sketching tonight to put off writing for a little bit longer. Although, it was nice channeling what meager creative juices I have into something. I kind of missed that.

... I really like her hair that shade of blue. Maybe a limited palette sort of thing? Blue, black, and a bit of red? Though I should clean and line it first, huh...


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