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The next chapter of "A Series of Events" went up on Friday. It should not have taken as long as it did, but, stuff got in the way. (Mostly my own insecurities, I think). That said, considering my track record, posting anything at all is worth celebrating.

Today's sketch, of course, has Nothing To Do with the story. I stayed up all night trying to draw something, only for this pose and this image to finally come to me this morning. I'm still having trouble drawing Snape for some reason, but what little you see of Harry came out not that bad, right?

Frankly, I just think Naked!Harry glomping Snape from behind is a cute/funny idea. Nearly based a story on that, before it turned all angsty and serious on me.

Completely unrelated except it totally is, as I was trying to draw anything last night, I caught an episode of Momo Kyun Sword. Just my luck, it was the beach episode?, and... I did not like it. (I have nothing against blushing boobs and butts; it's the interminable parade of boobs and butts and practically naked girls and women of all shapes and sizes and heroines with NO BRAS running and having their boobs bouncing painfully up into their faces with each step packed into 20-ish minutes that I kind of have a problem with.)

That said, <insert hypocritical joke here>.


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