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I'm not exactly looking forward to the end of another year. All it means is dealing with regrets and making a whole new list of things to fail at.

I went a little... nuts last week. I usually spend my weekends watching MST3K, and one day, I ended up watching Master Ninja 1, an episode I avoid because, eww, crap TV series mascarading as a movie? Pass.

Watching it, though, gave me an idea for a fan video: splicing clips of Supernatural into the opening host segment, in which they talk about American muscle cars.

I spent most of this past week trying to make it, and most of my waking hours obsessing over it. It's always a bad idea when I want to make a fanvid, and doubly so when it distracts me from work and life. My computer hated it; it kept complaining that it was too old to deal with video editing. My SuperDrive hated it, refusing to read any of the DVDs I got specifically for this video.

On the other hand, it definitely reinforced my admiration for AMV and fanvid makers. All movie makers, really. I didn't really get how hard it was before trying to stitch together a movie for the first time.

I made it mostly to post on Tumblr, but a friend suggested I put it on Youtube as well.

... At least that's one less thing on my "shit to do eventually" list.


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