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The next chapter of "A Series of Events" went up on Friday. It should not have taken as long as it did, but, stuff got in the way. (Mostly my own insecurities, I think). That said, considering my track record, posting anything at all is worth celebrating.

Today's sketch, of course, has Nothing To Do with the story. I stayed up all night trying to draw something, only for this pose and this image to finally come to me this morning. I'm still having trouble drawing Snape for some reason, but what little you see of Harry came out not that bad, right?

Frankly, I just think Naked!Harry glomping Snape from behind is a cute/funny idea. Nearly based a story on that, before it turned all angsty and serious on me.

Completely unrelated except it totally is, as I was trying to draw anything last night, I caught an episode of Momo Kyun Sword. Just my luck, it was the beach episode?, and... I did not like it. (I have nothing against blushing boobs and butts; it's the interminable parade of boobs and butts and practically naked girls and women of all shapes and sizes and heroines with NO BRAS running and having their boobs bouncing painfully up into their faces with each step packed into 20-ish minutes that I kind of have a problem with.)

That said, <insert hypocritical joke here>.

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When it comes to gettin' shit done during summer vacation, I have a terrible track record. This summer doesn't seem to be any different, but it's only been five days. Can't give up hope yet.

The first draft of the next chapter of "A Series of Events" was finished two weeks ago. I had planned to post the revised/edited draft by now, but I got distracted. (Oops.)

Harry Potter Land* over at Universal Studios Japan opened last week, which pretty much decided for me where I'm going this summer. The hotel's booked for mid-August/O-bon; I'm already dreading the peak season crowds and the timed entry tickets I'll probably have to buy.

*The official name's too much of a mouthful.

Doodle: I was trying something, and I failed/gave up at the last minute. It was very nearly some Snarry fanart, but I can't see Snape and Harry lying around like that. (I have a crappy imagination.) So they're expies of Snape and Harry? Totally different. ... I should have at least given them hands, huh.
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It's been a rough couple of months. May was just awful, but June went pretty well, despite lack of money and near-constant rain. Hell, I wrote 4 whole pages this past month. That calls for a celebratory drink! (Chocolate milk and vodka.)

Worked on "A Series of Events" today, but my heart still isn't all that into it. My mind kept wandering to:

- The Half-Blood Prince movie, the first Potions class, and how more and more flustered the makeup people made Hermione look every time they cut to her. I get that it's to show how hard it is to brew the Draught of Living Death, and how easy of a time Harry was having with it, but it was so ridiculous that Hermione's flustered hair is all that I remember.

- What story had Severus berate Neville for nearly killing Harry in class? And by "berate", I mean verbally flay poor Neville alive for his exploding potion. I hate it when I forget the name of a story I really liked (or was at least memorable). (But I refuse to actually try to find it right now. I have enough distractions as it is without adding "needle in haystack search" to the list.)

... Guessing from my stray thoughts alone, it's not that hard to guess just what the next update of this too-long, too-old story is going to involve. I wish I had finished this story years ago.

... I should get back to working on it instead of complaining about it here, huh.

Sketch is a quickie of Castiel from Supernatural. I've been watching a lot of Supernatural lately.
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I posted the next chapter of A Series of Events this morning. It both took too long and no time at all to write. Too long because the previous chapter was posted 10 months ago, no time at all because... once I got past the first scene, everything else spilled out.

Like breaking a seal.

One of the scenes is of Snape in a bath chair, being pushed along by Poppy Pomfrey. That, obviously, is not what I ended up doodling. I really did think about drawing Pomfrey, but my Snarry-lovin' heart could NOT pass up the opportunity for some mild hurt/comfort comedy.

Snape hates it, but he's blushing, so maybe it's okay...
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I had this great idea to, uh, let someone know that hope is not dead. A Series of Events (at deviantArt, FF dot net) will get done, I swear. So if you're curious as to what the hell I have been doing to make sure it's getting done:

6/14/11: Actually wrote a little today. Don't know what compelled me.

Decided to have that kiss scene in Chapter 17 after all. I also decided that my story wasn't gross or sick enough... so why not some projectile vomiting added to the mix? I don't hate the vomitee, but some people might think I do. You know, the worse thing I did that's character-bashing was making Relena switch bodies with Duo... and constantly giving Quatre and Draco embarrassing bit parts.

If I'm accused of bashing anyone in this story, it should be Malfoy, but the reader's interpretation is also valid, so whatever. :)

Earlier... stuff )

More as I do it...

Cheers! ^_^
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I've been working on this fanfic story for over two years, it seems. This latest chapter took forever to get down because it kept changing. Here is one version, in which Snape knocks himself out and Harry goes in to help him:

Solicitous!Harry.... GO! (522 words) )

... I thought that Snape banging his head on the table was a neat idea, but I didn't know where to take it after that. And the kiss I had originally planned for this part would have come too early for the story. So, instead, I changed the OC's name and decided to go in this direction:

Voyeur!Harry.... GO! (1220 words) )

... Then I realized that Dumbles not telling Snape would be weird? So after a bit of editing, and a lot less stripping on Snape's part, I got the final version.

Gee, wasn't that fun?

Love and Peace! <3
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A Harry Potter fic...

Title: A Series of Events
Part Chapter 4.5 Omake
Author: [ profile] babygray
Pairing: Snape/Harry
Warnings: Chan (Harry is sixteen), MPreg, ABORTED MPreg. Canon-based... sort of. Typos. No beta.
Disclaimer: This is just fanfiction, non-profit and just for fun.
Notes: Did anyone else notice the blatant shout out in Chapter 4? Could that even be considered as a shout out? Crossover Omake GO!
Summary: Ms. Keeler recovers from Defense class by talking to her friends.

I am as human as you are. The ears notwithstanding... )
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A Harry Potter fic...

Title: A Series of Events
Part Chapter 1.5 Omake
Author: [ profile] babygray
Pairing: Snape/Harry
Warnings: Chan (Harry is sixteen), MPreg, ABORTED MPreg. Canon-based... sort of. Typos. No beta.
Disclaimer: This is just fanfiction, non-profit and just for fun.
Notes: I can't say why I wanted to write an extra something, but I wrote four of them. This one takes place the night before Three Kings' Day.
Summary: In January, the impossible occurred. It took Severus till April to realize just what that was, and to believe.

Excuse us, we're looking for the Messiah... )


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