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It's a rare thing for me to feel this good about myself, and in a few days, I'm probably look back and think that I was an idiot for being proud for such a dumb thing, but I'm feeling awesome.

You see that pic on the side there? I made it. And I am awesome.

(I posted a bigger version on deviantart, and you should check it out, because it still looks good bigger. ... Because I'm awesome.)

This week's webcam pic: Link it up!  It's... not the Joker, but I don't blame you if you get that vibe. I blame all the green.

Love and Peace! (And awesomeness for all!)

Cat's Eye

May. 20th, 2010 08:49 pm
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Consider it the end result of watching Mirage of Blaze, reading The Crimson Spell, and seeing Avatar for the first time. ... I'm pretty sure that's everything that inspired this.

I used IllustStudio to do this (the trial version... and then CGIllust to get it to the right size and saved... since it is a trial version...) It's a bit neat, but I couldn't find the clipping command... and I still haven't tried its vector-like powers. And until I can figure out how to use the trial version, I'm not going to spend the 70 bucks on the license. Can't afford it.

(Nevermind the things I'm willing to splurge on. I already have CGIllust... and Photoshop... and a version of Painter I have no idea how to use properly... I don't think I need another illustration program, yay?)

Anyway, go see Mirage of Blaze. And read The Crimson Spell. You like Boy's Love, right? (And go see Avatar, too, I guess, I don't know. I wasn't that impressed, myself... I mean, sure, it was pretty, but...)

Looking forward to being inspired by My Darling is a Foreigner... Love and Peace!
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I haven't written a THING today. Oops.

Again, hoping to draw a cute guy. Which turned into TWO cute guys. Which reminded me of Italy and Germany.

Oops... again. This wasn't supposed to be fanart.

At least not for Hetalia. I was reading Kusatta Kyōshi no Hōteishiki by Kodaka Kazuma earlier, and that was what I was going for.

One thing about Kodaka-sensei: I think she's pants at bodies. I dislike her art style because her heads never seem to fit the rest of the bodies and her proportions are always fluctuating. BUT, the bodies in the first few chapters of Kusatta Kyoushi weren't like this. I didn't even realize it was her until the thirteenth chapter or so.


Love and Peace!


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