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Here is the results of the hours upon hours of work I've put into these dolls this week: Snape and Harry as Russian Nesting Dolls.

The basic body came from a pattern from a calendar. Everything else I had to draw out by hand (or trace, in the case of Severus' flowers). The hard part for me was being decisive enough to put it all together. The tricky, meticulous bits (particularly Snape's face) were not nearly as hard as I feared. In fact, it was almost relaxing, making them.

All in all, I'm glad they're finished. Just don't think I'll be making more of them any time soon.

The flowers... I don't have many any readers, but if you can name the flowers, I'll give you a prize of some sort (not the actual dolls, probably, but...) I guess I can keep that as my little secret for now under the spoilers tag.

Harry's decorated with holly flowers. Severus is decorated with monkshood. Or is it wolfsbane...

I posted a larger version of this picture on dA [link].
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You know how I said I'll be doing a lot this week? That was a lie. All I did was make Russian nesting dolls of Snape and Harry.

... Can you guess which flower was sewn on which? Hell, can you even name the flowers?

I don't know how long these took to make. Five days fiddling with a needle, and I'm still not done. They still need to be stuffed and have their bottoms sewed on.

That said, I think they came out rather cute. I don't make things like this often, so they're not perfect. Still...

I'll finish them tomorrow, and then I'll take them out to take their picture. I'm planning to post a picture of them on dA, because why not?

Still a lot behind on my reading, so I'll be doing a bit of that this Golden Week(end). Ah, yes, Golden Week = 4-day weekend around here. There's still a lot of writing to be done, as well. (At the moment, however, I kind of don't want to...

I wonder if I can bribe myself into working.)


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