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Crossposted on LJ for reasons.

Title: Spider Rhythm
Author: [ profile] babygray
Pairing: None
Warnings: Typos. No beta.
Disclaimer: This is just fanfiction, non-profit and just for fun.
Notes: This takes place pre-Hogwarts. The Tiger handheld for After Burner was released in 1988, if you need a specific-ish date for this. I was half-thinking of making this pre-slash, with Snape showing up as a tarantula. However, the research I did on spiders, and poisonous ones in particular, skeeved me out. So... enjoy a snippet of Harry's pre-Hogwarts life?
Word Count: 328
Summary: Harry and a spider share a moment under the stairs.

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Crossposted on LJ for reasons.

Title: Starfruit
Author: [ profile] babygray
Pairing: Snape/Harry
Warnings: Typos. No beta.
Disclaimer: This is just fanfiction, non-profit and just for fun.
Notes: This was inspired by the [ profile] fanfic100 prompt board, specifically prompt #57: Lunch. It's not a full story, just a drabble, really. And it's very much a 30-minute, barely-thought-out something/practice. Like a sketch. With words. And I'm not sure if Severus Snape even knows what a sweet tooth is...
Word Count: 426
Summary:Severus, busy at work, gets a package.

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Notes at the end.

Title: Book of the Road
Author: [ profile] babygray
Pairing: Severus Snape/Harry Potter
Warnings: PWP for the most part, EWE (if related to canon at all), and slash. Un-beta'ed.
Disclaimer: This is just fanfiction, non-profit and just for fun.
Notes: At the end.
Word Count: 1180 or so
Summary: Harry and Severus negotiate a trade: a job for a ride.

Hitchhikers, generally speaking, were either psychotic serial killers or brain-dead twits in search of adventure regardless of the danger. )
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I had this great idea to, uh, let someone know that hope is not dead. A Series of Events (at deviantArt, FF dot net) will get done, I swear. So if you're curious as to what the hell I have been doing to make sure it's getting done:

6/14/11: Actually wrote a little today. Don't know what compelled me.

Decided to have that kiss scene in Chapter 17 after all. I also decided that my story wasn't gross or sick enough... so why not some projectile vomiting added to the mix? I don't hate the vomitee, but some people might think I do. You know, the worse thing I did that's character-bashing was making Relena switch bodies with Duo... and constantly giving Quatre and Draco embarrassing bit parts.

If I'm accused of bashing anyone in this story, it should be Malfoy, but the reader's interpretation is also valid, so whatever. :)

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More as I do it...

Cheers! ^_^
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This was written, on February 14, 2010, so perhaps I was in a romantic mood (but probably not.)

The premise: Harry and Snape have a physical relationship, but Snape doesn't allow sex, and Harry is willing to give him the space he needs, but won't stop until he can have a real relationship with Severus. And by real, he means not just physical, but sexual and OPEN to boot. (At least, I think that's what it was.)

Skinship, AHOY! )

... and that's where it ends.
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Last year, I wrote a story for the Back-To-Hogwarts Fest over at snape-potter called "Where He Belongs" (which you can read over at Dreamwidth or at my page.) Where it came from was radically different from where it ended up, and it wasn't the first story that came from that idea.

The Premise: Harry jumps Snape after class... which lead to a naked Harry jumping Snape, period.

Here are two openings. The first is smuttier, but it's unclear as to whether Harry is a student or an assistant. The second makes it obvious Harry is a student.

Harry flirts relentlessly with Snape during class. )

... It's time for lunch.
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I have to clean up, which means I have to throw out my old writing notebooks. It happens every once in a while, and oftentimes, I just put it off for later. Fortunately for all of us me, I have a long summer ahead of me.

This was written on January 22, 2010.

The premise: Yuuri catches a demon cold that messes with his magic abilities. Wolfram plays nursemaid. (what do you mean, it's been done already)

Warm up scribbles, followed by two openings. That's all. )

... It has potential. *starts choking for no definable reason*
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A Harry Potter scrap...

Title: Bleeding Memories
Author: [ profile] babygray
Pairing: none
Warnings: Typos. No beta. Just a homeless concept.
Disclaimer: This is just fanfiction, non-profit and just for fun.
Notes: I don't know when I wrote this, and I don't know what I was going to do with it.
Summary: Harry's leaking memories.

... And he makes a joke out of it, while Ron and Hermione worry. )
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I've been working on this fanfic story for over two years, it seems. This latest chapter took forever to get down because it kept changing. Here is one version, in which Snape knocks himself out and Harry goes in to help him:

Solicitous!Harry.... GO! (522 words) )

... I thought that Snape banging his head on the table was a neat idea, but I didn't know where to take it after that. And the kiss I had originally planned for this part would have come too early for the story. So, instead, I changed the OC's name and decided to go in this direction:

Voyeur!Harry.... GO! (1220 words) )

... Then I realized that Dumbles not telling Snape would be weird? So after a bit of editing, and a lot less stripping on Snape's part, I got the final version.

Gee, wasn't that fun?

Love and Peace! <3
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Prenote: The following is prose/poetry fanfiction based on Harry Potter, which belongs to JKR, Warner, and others. It's post-HBP, rough, and Snarry. Fancy punctuation away!


And then they kiss, under the light of the Dark God's moon, their stained hands making entreaties as they roam over marred skin. Their sullied feet pressed against a sullied orb, their steps rushed and in pain as they run.

And oh, they run. Apart, together, they run. Like fallen men and little boys that have lost their gleaming way too soon. Always too soon.

And the Saviour's Fire burns blue-white, burning his own unforgiving mark on the spider's skin. But it is too hot, too fresh. Too young and destined to burn out too quickly. The dark passages of the mind pull the heat in. The blue fire burns away.

And the framents of souls, scattered by madmen, flicker out of reach in the receeding light. Who but children may take them? Why but children may?

And there, in the green shadows, lies the Light God, the judgement maker. Away with fire he is gone, bearing with him his standard and his staff. And now the world burns red with vengence flame. Blue with unforgiving Saviour's Fire. Black.

The War's Blood Moon is set high, by their hands. And the fallen man must fight. And the little boy too.

And the saviour shall burn.


Postnote: What was I thinking? The line: 'The Light of the Dark God's Moon'. That begat everything here. The Snarry is just extra cream. Special mention goes to snapesforte. I was listening to an interview with her on Snapecast, and she was talking about her 'Snape=spider' theory. Guess you can read up on that at her site: [Link]
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Some time last year, I used to write on occasion a blurb or two at [ profile] gw500 I haven't done so for a long time, however. Can't really explain why.

For prompt #104, 'can't stand the heat', I wrote and posted "Rubber Duck". That story is a cute, cliche story between Duo, Heero, Wufei, and a shower. Almost funny, I think. Below was the first idea I had for the prompt, which has nothing to do with rubber ducks, I assure you, as well as its opening info. It's quite short, too.

Pairing: 1+2
Rating: PG, I'm guessing
Warnings: Breakup, cliffhanger, typos
Note: If you 'can't stand the heat', get out of the relationship, I guess. And though I wrote this, I couldn't see how it should end. (EDIT: That's... quite funny now if I think about it.)It'll be neat to hear if you think he should go or stay.

"So, you're leaving," I said to his back.

He paused for a moment as he tucked some half-forgotten thing in his suitcase. "And you're home early."

He knew today was the day I came home early. "I thought you were joking."

His chuckle sounded bitter. "So did I."

He closes the suitcase and straightens, his body broad and mature, the body of a grown man who could do what he damn well pleased. But not this. Not to me.

You can run, and you can hide, Duo Maxwell, but you won't be able to escape what this is between us. I sure as hell can't, and I like to believe we're the same in this way.
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Found this in my work journal today, half-finished. Based on a question from one of the Kokology books I have at home. It's finished? I'll add the appropriate prompts and some more details later.

Title: Harry and the Surfboard
Author: Ileana (babygray)
Pairings: Implied Snape/Harry
Warning: Psychology, implied sex, implied Snarry, typos
Disclaimer: Harry Potter, its characters, and worlds belong to JK Rowling, Warner Brothers, and other copyright holders. Kokology, and question this story is based on, is written by Tadahiko Nagao and Isamu Saito. This is pure jest.

Harry looked out at the sea, a bit unsettled at the state of the ocean. )
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Dream-based fanfiction tends to be rather goofy. Here's a bit of proof, Fullmetal Alchemist style.

This short bit came from a dream where, for some reason, Ron Weasley, Squall Lionheart, and Heero Yuy are stuck in the maze from
Goblet of Fire looking for the others, a way out, and discussing having sex with their best friends. (i.e., Heero boasts about his relationship with Duo, Squall is trying to start one with Zell, and Ron is confused.) While I'm not certain why Ron the sidekick was grouped with the leaders/heroes, and I probably won't make the idea a true fanfic, I like thinking about the scenario.

Title: Heero vs. the Boggart
Author: Ileana (babygray)
Pairings: Implied 1x2
Warning: Crossover, boggarts, and Heero with a machete.
Disclaimer: Final Fantasy VIII, Gundam Wing, and Harry Potter, their characters, and worlds belong to their appropriate creators and copyright holders. This is pure jest.

Heero vs. The Boggart )


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