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This was written, on February 14, 2010, so perhaps I was in a romantic mood (but probably not.)

The premise: Harry and Snape have a physical relationship, but Snape doesn't allow sex, and Harry is willing to give him the space he needs, but won't stop until he can have a real relationship with Severus. And by real, he means not just physical, but sexual and OPEN to boot. (At least, I think that's what it was.)

Skinship, AHOY! )

... and that's where it ends.
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Last year, I wrote a story for the Back-To-Hogwarts Fest over at snape-potter called "Where He Belongs" (which you can read over at Dreamwidth or at my page.) Where it came from was radically different from where it ended up, and it wasn't the first story that came from that idea.

The Premise: Harry jumps Snape after class... which lead to a naked Harry jumping Snape, period.

Here are two openings. The first is smuttier, but it's unclear as to whether Harry is a student or an assistant. The second makes it obvious Harry is a student.

Harry flirts relentlessly with Snape during class. )

... It's time for lunch.
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I have to clean up, which means I have to throw out my old writing notebooks. It happens every once in a while, and oftentimes, I just put it off for later. Fortunately for all of us me, I have a long summer ahead of me.

This was written on January 22, 2010.

The premise: Yuuri catches a demon cold that messes with his magic abilities. Wolfram plays nursemaid. (what do you mean, it's been done already)

Warm up scribbles, followed by two openings. That's all. )

... It has potential. *starts choking for no definable reason*
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Somewhere in the hot pit of hell that is K-- City, an evil plan was being concocted. A deranged young woman, with little in her arsenal aside from a lab coat and a laptop, got it into her head to see what happens if one combined the tearful rhythm and blues of one Mary J. Blidge and the dark history of one Severus Snape. And 'lo, that night, dark and thunderous and perfect for deranged experiments dependant on lightning and hunchbacked assistants, she attempted ot bring life to this abomination, this affront to God.

... It was through the intervention of a particularly errant bolt of lightning that a disaster was adverted.

Because, really, although there have been worse ideas in the Harry Potter fandom, there's something off with me if I thought for even a moment that Mary J.'s "Not Gonna Cry" could actually fit Snape.

Okay, the '11 years by your side, then you leave me' bit got me for a moment, but however much Dumbledore has been made to be a dick in the last book, his attitude towards Snape didn't change when Harry first shows up at Hogwarts, right?


Speaking of Snape, I think I've accepted of what happened, but after thinking about it, those plot holes are really helping me to fall right back into denial. ....... The abandoned body. The uncalled spirit. The forgotten portrait. I've been thinking of a story for once, a reply to a post-DH challenge at Walking the Plank. And while, yeah, the man bit it, the plot holes let me hint that maybe he's still out there.

Let's see if I even write it.
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Here was some odd thoughts that cross my mind lately concerning Harry Potter:

1. Harry the Chav
It's an odd thought, really, thinking about the idea that Harry could turn chav in his 20's. I would hope not. What's more, if anyone turns chav, it would probably be Dudley. ('Turn chav'... Great phrase, there.) But, as far as I can see, in the realm of fanfiction, chav!Harry hasn't appeared anywhere. Maybe it's about time. (God only knows how much it would distract from all the emo!dark!'cutting'causeit'stheonlythingthatfeelsreal'!Harry that is all over FFN.)

2. Ginny should Die
And not just because I'm a fan of the Snarry. (Though her death would clear a few roads later...) My reasoning is this: If Ginny is Harry's Lily (like what's-her-face keeps hinting), then she should die protecting Harry, just like Lily. And if Ginny isn't Harry's Lily but instead Harry's Peter (like some (bitter?) trio shipper wrote at the HP Lexicon [LINK]), then she should die for (eventually) betraying Harry. And if she's neither of these two things (which I doubt), then she can live... I guess... just as long as she doesn't get paired up with Harry again. (I didn't like it the first time, and not just because of the Snarry.)

3. Where's Snape?
The latest, long preview of the new movie has him nowhere in sight (expect for that Gainax-esque flashing of all the characters in the beginning bit...) He's not in any of the posters, either! Is it because he's so gray? Or because their focus is on the DA and the DE.

(Ooh! At my local theater, they have a picture machine set up where you can pose with the characters (via the magic of a blue screen.) I have half a mind to do it... if only to pretend I'm sticking my tongue into Hermione's ear as she stares to the side in worry. ... Not a good idea?)

And finally...
4. Bruce Springsteen
His greatest hits collection has a few songs in it that could fit Harry Potter movie videos very well. 'Hungry Heart'... 'Human Touch'... I have a few plans for the last lines of 'This Hard Land'. In fact, if I had more talent, and patience, and determination, I would work on a music video based on 'Dancing in the Dark'. Of course it would be Snarry. ... What?
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Sketch 12-27-06
Originally uploaded by babygray.
There's a paranda song called 'Paranda de Sopon' that I've been enjoying lately. The story the song tells is a simple one: At two o'clock in the morning, the singers ate some great ckicken soup (the sopon), only to develop terrible stomach aches at dawn. The chicken was taken from the yard, killed, cooked up, and eaten by everyone at the party, and not a bone was left. The rooster, awaken by the noise, couldn't believe his eyes and went crazy, but by dawn he was a widower. The singers end be claiming the upset stomachs was a results of a curse the rooster cast on them, noting the fact that the rooster was laughing.

The lyrics (in Spanish, mind you), can be found here:

Now... why am I posting this here? Well, on the way home, I thought I had a great idea for a story based on this song... something utterly Snarry. But, now that I sat down for the first time all day (pretty much), I somehow don't think it's as great an idea as I did just a half-hour ago. The hen would be Harry, but who would he be slaughtered and 'eaten' by? Death Eaters? Too much violent sexual context for me.

The wizarding world? While that is completely within canon (he's already on the way to the sacrificial altar for them), why would Snape want to curse the public because of it? The rooster is not a part of the party; he's an outsider. Snape, though on the fringes, can't be as Other as the rooster, and I can't see him cursing the world. The Death Eaters, sure, but that takes back the sexual violence route, and I just can't do that.

That said, I thought this dud of an idea here, because I sure as hell won't use it.

The doodle is from my journal. I was playing with a new pen.
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A couple of years back, I watched the show Dead Like Me for the first time, and, because my mind works that way, some time afterwards, I wondered what a Dead Like Me/Gundam Wing fusion would look like.

Could Duo be as angry and as miserable about dying as George was in the first season? Would it make good fiction to have Duo fall in love with and then reap Heero, a la season one's 'Reaper Madness' episode? Or would it make more sense if it was more in the Gundam Wing 'verse and Heero takes on the role of the family Duo leaves behind?

... Nah. If I'm to write this, it's going to be AU, and if I'm going AU, then I might as well run with it like a naked man on fire.

All I write is AU anyway...

Till laters (^_^)/~
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Here are some bad ideas that may never see the light of day, and if they have, good lord, is there no such thing as shame in the world?

Harry Potter vs. Scooby Doo? )

Harry Potter vs. SpongeBob?! )

.... Now that those are written down and about to be forgotten (ha!), just a note about the following link. I finished it two nights ago, and while I may have to go back to fix the scar and give it a decent background, it came out okay, right?

Till next time! ^_^

Harry in the Snow by ~babygray on deviantART

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These are salvageable bits from a notebook I'm about to throw away. I tend to have a lot of notebooks that I buy, fill at most halfway, then forget. The drawing is a half-finished doodle of a girl leaving a festival.

Mayonaka no Yaji-san Kita-san/Gundam Wing crossover idea
possible character substitutes

Yaji - Duo
Kita - Heero (seems more likely to be a junkie, as well as connection between Kita and O-yuki)
O-hatsu - Hilde
O-yuki - Relena
O-yuki's father - Zechs (simple relationship change, that)

Inn Owner - Une and ?
Chuckles (the daimyo) - J (not sure why at the moment)
Naniwa Hot - Wufei
Hot Sandwich - Meiran (another relationship change)

Non-no - ?
Rinrin - Howard ( not happy with this one)
Mafia Boss Jiro - Treize
Jiro's Fangirls - .....?
Arthur - Otto
Radio Baba - ?

Mischief Demon - Dorothy
Bartender - Trowa
Mushroom Woman - Quatre
Waiting souls - ???

Funny, the rest of the notebook is a rough draft of a Star Wars/Gundam Wing crossover. Way too long to post here...


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