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I was too busy going to drinking parties last night and finishing a fanfic chapter today to do this on time, but it's done, and I'm awesome.

It was supposed to have been a bit of fanart for National Foundation Day on Thurs, but nothing was coming along that day. So, whatever.

Level up version: [Here]

Finished that fanfic chapter, by the way. I'll edit it later this week, I guess.

Love and peace!
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Kya, I put a lot of effort on today's webcam picture. So much effort, that I was tempted to post it as an actual deviation for a second there.

The day before, I had this sudden urge for sexy!Hong Kong fanart, but dA was lacking. Well, not completely, but the artists' ideas of sexy weren't the same as mine.

This isn't a sexy!HK picture, either. It's just a portrait, but I can always try again.

... Maybe I should clean it up more, make it better and post it as a deviation then. ふふふ...

EDIT: Level up version: [Here!!!]

Last week's webcam pic. (Linkies) It's not nearly as good as this week's...

Love and Peace! <3
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I haven't written a THING today. Oops.

Again, hoping to draw a cute guy. Which turned into TWO cute guys. Which reminded me of Italy and Germany.

Oops... again. This wasn't supposed to be fanart.

At least not for Hetalia. I was reading Kusatta Kyōshi no Hōteishiki by Kodaka Kazuma earlier, and that was what I was going for.

One thing about Kodaka-sensei: I think she's pants at bodies. I dislike her art style because her heads never seem to fit the rest of the bodies and her proportions are always fluctuating. BUT, the bodies in the first few chapters of Kusatta Kyoushi weren't like this. I didn't even realize it was her until the thirteenth chapter or so.


Love and Peace!


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