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I only did three things at work this week: prep kids for a speech contest, plan my vacation next week, and make a bunch of icons.

7 (good or bad) specifically about JKR.
4 about Ron Weasley (DH)
10 about Harry (DH)
7 about Slytherin (DH)
2 about the fandom itself
6 about Gryffindor
1 about the Unforgivables.

Yes, I kind of went crazy.

They're more tongue-in-cheek than spoilerish, but whatevers.


Lots of Harry Potter icons, man. Dig? )

1. Please credit [ profile] babygray_dam
2. Please leave a comment if you're grabbing one (or for comments, sure.)
3. No hotlinking.
4. Have a nice day.
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Sweet Jesus, work was boring! Altered a few pictures I've taken, shoved them through a cutout filter, and tada!

1. 2.

Six more under the cut. )

1. Crediting [ profile] babygray_dam would be nice.
2. Comments would be nice too.
3. Don't alter and enjoy. ;)
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Something I did while at work (should I ask you not to tell my bosses?) Feel free to use, but credit would be nice. ^_^

1. 2.

Six more of the same. )
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I finally stopped making Harry Potter avatars last week or so, and after being exposed to the truly awe-inspiring Vagina Power videos everyone else has seen, I did some avatars using some quotes from that as well.

(Although I doubt anyone will), if you're going to use any of these for your own journal, please give me credit on the comment line ("by [ profile] babygray_dam" should do it.) No hotlinking, either, yeah?

(Somehow, I doubt I'll have any trouble with people showingany interest.... but...)

Click the cut for the whole batch.

4 Vagina Power and 11 HP avatars.... )
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I posted a new avatar on my dA account. Um, the one on the right. But, I somehow did two inferior (?) versions of it, and I figured they shouldn't go to waste.

... Oh, and if you're so inclined to use it yourself, any version, please, pretty please, give me credit in the comment line? ("by [ profile] babygray_dam" should do it. It's only the polite thing to do, and I need all the love I can get. ^^)

The two other versions only differ do to the color of the lettering and the placement. They're just here to be given a proper burial.

Inferior? version one and two )

Look forward to a bunch of them later. ^^


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