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I'm not exactly looking forward to the end of another year. All it means is dealing with regrets and making a whole new list of things to fail at.

I went a little... nuts last week. I usually spend my weekends watching MST3K, and one day, I ended up watching Master Ninja 1, an episode I avoid because, eww, crap TV series mascarading as a movie? Pass.

Watching it, though, gave me an idea for a fan video: splicing clips of Supernatural into the opening host segment, in which they talk about American muscle cars.

I spent most of this past week trying to make it, and most of my waking hours obsessing over it. It's always a bad idea when I want to make a fanvid, and doubly so when it distracts me from work and life. My computer hated it; it kept complaining that it was too old to deal with video editing. My SuperDrive hated it, refusing to read any of the DVDs I got specifically for this video.

On the other hand, it definitely reinforced my admiration for AMV and fanvid makers. All movie makers, really. I didn't really get how hard it was before trying to stitch together a movie for the first time.

I made it mostly to post on Tumblr, but a friend suggested I put it on Youtube as well.

... At least that's one less thing on my "shit to do eventually" list.
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At the moment, there is about 2 feet of snow outside pretty much trapping me inside my house, my main computer's power cord is utterly broken, and... balls. Basically balls. I'm basically stuck here.

There are only two things I want to do right now (get food and a new power cord) (three if I included "shoveling the crap out of here get food/power cord"), and I can't really see past that and do the stuff I can do while stuck here. The fact that the stores are just as closed up for the day is not all that reassuring. So I'm watching Olympic curling instead. Balls.

I've been trying to write every day this month, mostly because of Month of Letters, which I decided to not do because of the postage costs, among other things. I thought at one point to try for a drabble a day, or maybe a third round of ABC fanfics, but everyday life things (and freakish snowfalls) kept distracting me. Meh. The month isn't over yet. I might get something done yet.

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Crossposted on IJ for reasons.

Title: Spider Rhythm
Author: [ profile] babygray_dam
Pairing: None
Warnings: Typos. No beta.
Disclaimer: This is just fanfiction, non-profit and just for fun.
Notes: This takes place pre-Hogwarts. The Tiger handheld for After Burner was released in 1988, if you need a specific-ish date for this. I was half-thinking of making this pre-slash, with Snape showing up as a tarantula. However, the research I did on spiders, and poisonous ones in particular, skeeved me out. So... enjoy a snippet of Harry's pre-Hogwarts life?
Word Count: 328
Summary: Harry and a spider share a moment under the stairs.

Read more... )
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Crossposted on IJ for reasons.

Title: Starfruit
Author: [ profile] babygray_dam
Pairing: Snape/Harry
Warnings: Typos. No beta.
Disclaimer: This is just fanfiction, non-profit and just for fun.
Notes: This was inspired by the [ profile] fanfic100 prompt board, specifically prompt #57: Lunch. It's not a full story, just a drabble, really. And it's very much a 30-minute, barely-thought-out something/practice. Like a sketch. With words. And I'm not sure if Severus Snape even knows what a sweet tooth is...
Word Count: 426
Summary:Severus, busy at work, gets a package.

Read more... )
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Work has started up, and as a result, I've started to consume more than create. Exhaustion plays a part, no doubt, but only a part. It might be that the great surge of productivity I was riding is at its end. It also might be that I am falling back on bad habits. Once I get home and sit down, it takes an hour or more for me to get around to doing anything, a problem when I don't get home until pretty late.

That's just an excuse, though. I bet I can get more done if I actually tried, or wanted to... or tried.

That said, here's some gibberish about the media I've been consuming:

Welcome to Night Vale, Boys' Love comics, and Kill la Kill.... )

Finishing up everything for Comic City next week. (Only 10 days away and there's still so much to do. ...How likely is it that I sell anything?) Thinking of making a costume for the occasion, or at the very least shaking the dust off one of my wigs.

It's a shame that I lose several hours a day staring into space, thinking about nothing... trying to forget that I exist suck have things to do.

I keep thinking about joining in on A Month of Letters. If I do, my mother and sister are going to be getting a lot of letters from me in February. (It'll be just like the New Year cards every year. I make them, but I only have one or two people to mail them to. It's rather sad, isn't it.) They won't be the only recipients, but I think they'll be the only ones not annoyed by my letters. (At least, I hope they won't be annoyed...)
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This was written, on February 14, 2010, so perhaps I was in a romantic mood (but probably not.)

The premise: Harry and Snape have a physical relationship, but Snape doesn't allow sex, and Harry is willing to give him the space he needs, but won't stop until he can have a real relationship with Severus. And by real, he means not just physical, but sexual and OPEN to boot. (At least, I think that's what it was.)

Skinship, AHOY! )

... and that's where it ends.
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Last year, I wrote a story for the Back-To-Hogwarts Fest over at snape-potter called "Where He Belongs" (which you can read over at Dreamwidth or at my page.) Where it came from was radically different from where it ended up, and it wasn't the first story that came from that idea.

The Premise: Harry jumps Snape after class... which lead to a naked Harry jumping Snape, period.

Here are two openings. The first is smuttier, but it's unclear as to whether Harry is a student or an assistant. The second makes it obvious Harry is a student.

Harry flirts relentlessly with Snape during class. )

... It's time for lunch.
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I have to clean up, which means I have to throw out my old writing notebooks. It happens every once in a while, and oftentimes, I just put it off for later. Fortunately for all of us me, I have a long summer ahead of me.

This was written on January 22, 2010.

The premise: Yuuri catches a demon cold that messes with his magic abilities. Wolfram plays nursemaid. (what do you mean, it's been done already)

Warm up scribbles, followed by two openings. That's all. )

... It has potential. *starts choking for no definable reason*
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I've been working on this fanfic story for over two years, it seems. This latest chapter took forever to get down because it kept changing. Here is one version, in which Snape knocks himself out and Harry goes in to help him:

Solicitous!Harry.... GO! (522 words) )

... I thought that Snape banging his head on the table was a neat idea, but I didn't know where to take it after that. And the kiss I had originally planned for this part would have come too early for the story. So, instead, I changed the OC's name and decided to go in this direction:

Voyeur!Harry.... GO! (1220 words) )

... Then I realized that Dumbles not telling Snape would be weird? So after a bit of editing, and a lot less stripping on Snape's part, I got the final version.

Gee, wasn't that fun?

Love and Peace! <3
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Not for nothing, but there are some cliches in the Harry Potter fandom that urked me the first time I read them in a fanfic or about them in fandom. Mind, I don't read much outside a certain pairing, but damn it if the ones I do know about don't annoy me. Meh.

1. Certain MPreg fics. MPreg is kind of silly, but I can buy into the whole 'It's MAGIC' excuse as long as the story is interesting and the characters stay as true to canon as possible. The mpreg I hate is the type that is not so much about a pregnant man as it is about a wangtsy, teary-eyed girl with a particularly big clitoris. It's even worse when, after all the fucking angst over the first assbaby, the 'girl' doesn't even try to prevent a second mistake. (Ugh, it just makes me so angry... It's so idiotic...)

2. Slytherin Sex God. ... What? Seriously? (Makes me glad I didn't start reading HP fanfiction until after Half Blood Prince. There seems to be less of that after HBP.)

3. Lubricus and other such nonsense. The first time I read a character use a lubrication spell, I thought it was a fluke. But then it kept showing up, and showing up, and showing up...

4. Hyphened Last Names. This is just... pretentious? I don't know. Annoying. Either they keep their last name, or they take the name of the other. Don't give them both.
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It's a bit odd, but one of my favorite Japanese shoes is TV Champion. Some time back, they leveled up to TV Champ 2 (probably because they've runned out of new topics to find contestants for), and would bring back the old champions to take on new challengers.

Today's rerun is about special effects make-up, the sort that turned Robin Williams into an old British bint, yeah? Challenge one asked the contestants to create unbelievable animals, the second was to age the comedic duo Za Tacchi (ザ・たっち) 50 years, and the final champion stage was to create the human of the future... or, rather, what humans will evolve into 1 million years from now.

The challenger went with a future where the earth was ravaged by heat, and the champ went with an ice-covered water world. (You can see the new champ and his metallic creation here.)

I guess the whole point of this point was to ask myself, "What would humanity's descendants look like?"

... but before I could start contemplating that seriously, the next show started up with an interesting, in-depth look at Love and Berry. Creepy, ain't it?
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Somewhere in the hot pit of hell that is K-- City, an evil plan was being concocted. A deranged young woman, with little in her arsenal aside from a lab coat and a laptop, got it into her head to see what happens if one combined the tearful rhythm and blues of one Mary J. Blidge and the dark history of one Severus Snape. And 'lo, that night, dark and thunderous and perfect for deranged experiments dependant on lightning and hunchbacked assistants, she attempted ot bring life to this abomination, this affront to God.

... It was through the intervention of a particularly errant bolt of lightning that a disaster was adverted.

Because, really, although there have been worse ideas in the Harry Potter fandom, there's something off with me if I thought for even a moment that Mary J.'s "Not Gonna Cry" could actually fit Snape.

Okay, the '11 years by your side, then you leave me' bit got me for a moment, but however much Dumbledore has been made to be a dick in the last book, his attitude towards Snape didn't change when Harry first shows up at Hogwarts, right?


Speaking of Snape, I think I've accepted of what happened, but after thinking about it, those plot holes are really helping me to fall right back into denial. ....... The abandoned body. The uncalled spirit. The forgotten portrait. I've been thinking of a story for once, a reply to a post-DH challenge at Walking the Plank. And while, yeah, the man bit it, the plot holes let me hint that maybe he's still out there.

Let's see if I even write it.
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Deathly Hallows Predictions, dated 3/2/07, courtesy of a weak imagination and a flash-based Magic 8 Ball.

1. Will Hermione discover a useful potion that will inadvertedly turn Mad-Eye Moody into a Vegas Showgirl?
-It is decidedly so.

2. Will Harry join the magical crossdressing bandwagon, joining the likes of boggart!Snape and Mundungus Fletcher?
-Better not tell you now.

3. Will Sirius come back from the dead to have sex with Remus' leg?
-Don't count on it.

4. Will Voldemort, in a throwaway line, declare his love and admiration for Carol Channing?
-Most likely.

5. Will a boy from South Amboy, NJ, finally get some as he fulfills one girl's fantasy for dark, greasy-haired anti-heroes with big noses?
-Outlook not good.

... Will that sex involve pegging?
-No chance.

... Is Severus Snape an anti-hero?
-Most likely.

6. Will Draco see the errors of his ways and run off to become the Weasey twins' beloved butt boy?

7. Will Luna tame the Sapphorian Muff Monster in Ginny's pants?
-It is certain.

... Just wanted to get it out of my notebook before it's too late. Happy Tanabata! ^_^
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Here was some odd thoughts that cross my mind lately concerning Harry Potter:

1. Harry the Chav
It's an odd thought, really, thinking about the idea that Harry could turn chav in his 20's. I would hope not. What's more, if anyone turns chav, it would probably be Dudley. ('Turn chav'... Great phrase, there.) But, as far as I can see, in the realm of fanfiction, chav!Harry hasn't appeared anywhere. Maybe it's about time. (God only knows how much it would distract from all the emo!dark!'cutting'causeit'stheonlythingthatfeelsreal'!Harry that is all over FFN.)

2. Ginny should Die
And not just because I'm a fan of the Snarry. (Though her death would clear a few roads later...) My reasoning is this: If Ginny is Harry's Lily (like what's-her-face keeps hinting), then she should die protecting Harry, just like Lily. And if Ginny isn't Harry's Lily but instead Harry's Peter (like some (bitter?) trio shipper wrote at the HP Lexicon [LINK]), then she should die for (eventually) betraying Harry. And if she's neither of these two things (which I doubt), then she can live... I guess... just as long as she doesn't get paired up with Harry again. (I didn't like it the first time, and not just because of the Snarry.)

3. Where's Snape?
The latest, long preview of the new movie has him nowhere in sight (expect for that Gainax-esque flashing of all the characters in the beginning bit...) He's not in any of the posters, either! Is it because he's so gray? Or because their focus is on the DA and the DE.

(Ooh! At my local theater, they have a picture machine set up where you can pose with the characters (via the magic of a blue screen.) I have half a mind to do it... if only to pretend I'm sticking my tongue into Hermione's ear as she stares to the side in worry. ... Not a good idea?)

And finally...
4. Bruce Springsteen
His greatest hits collection has a few songs in it that could fit Harry Potter movie videos very well. 'Hungry Heart'... 'Human Touch'... I have a few plans for the last lines of 'This Hard Land'. In fact, if I had more talent, and patience, and determination, I would work on a music video based on 'Dancing in the Dark'. Of course it would be Snarry. ... What?
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Prenote: The following is prose/poetry fanfiction based on Harry Potter, which belongs to JKR, Warner, and others. It's post-HBP, rough, and Snarry. Fancy punctuation away!


And then they kiss, under the light of the Dark God's moon, their stained hands making entreaties as they roam over marred skin. Their sullied feet pressed against a sullied orb, their steps rushed and in pain as they run.

And oh, they run. Apart, together, they run. Like fallen men and little boys that have lost their gleaming way too soon. Always too soon.

And the Saviour's Fire burns blue-white, burning his own unforgiving mark on the spider's skin. But it is too hot, too fresh. Too young and destined to burn out too quickly. The dark passages of the mind pull the heat in. The blue fire burns away.

And the framents of souls, scattered by madmen, flicker out of reach in the receeding light. Who but children may take them? Why but children may?

And there, in the green shadows, lies the Light God, the judgement maker. Away with fire he is gone, bearing with him his standard and his staff. And now the world burns red with vengence flame. Blue with unforgiving Saviour's Fire. Black.

The War's Blood Moon is set high, by their hands. And the fallen man must fight. And the little boy too.

And the saviour shall burn.


Postnote: What was I thinking? The line: 'The Light of the Dark God's Moon'. That begat everything here. The Snarry is just extra cream. Special mention goes to snapesforte. I was listening to an interview with her on Snapecast, and she was talking about her 'Snape=spider' theory. Guess you can read up on that at her site: [Link]
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Was playing with Magnetic Poetry (bought a bunch of them some weeks back, came in on Tuesday). Don't have one clue as to what I've created, either.

my off color solitary paradise is a matter of orange sound
murmur ed from the mouth s of stone heart s
cozy in the black storm
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Non-picture ramble here. A little about Harry Potter.... )

This photo is from a couple weeks back, on my way to Haru Comic City. Not bad, even though it cost me 1200 yen to get in. -_-

They're off on a journey. Off to somewhere warmer, somewhere of dreams. The sky is clear and the air is pleasant and all signs are green.

Their luggage rolls along dilligently, like good children, like good servants. Never snagging on a stone.

They're off on a journey, off to somewhere bright. Somewhere better than the known.
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I'm working on the last part of a story I've been posting on this morning. I think it's about time I finished it, you see, and, because it was the last part, I decided to make it a sex scene.

But I can't write sex scenes And this is why:

[The cock] fucked him with deep, shallow thrusts.

'Deep, shallow thrusts'??? ...what!

Oh god, I'm a retard. That is an actual line in the rough draft version that I'm typing/reworking. I should not be writing smutty fanfiction, man. Not with lines like that one.

The fuck was I thinking.
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Some time last year, I used to write on occasion a blurb or two at [ profile] gw500 I haven't done so for a long time, however. Can't really explain why.

For prompt #104, 'can't stand the heat', I wrote and posted "Rubber Duck". That story is a cute, cliche story between Duo, Heero, Wufei, and a shower. Almost funny, I think. Below was the first idea I had for the prompt, which has nothing to do with rubber ducks, I assure you, as well as its opening info. It's quite short, too.

Pairing: 1+2
Rating: PG, I'm guessing
Warnings: Breakup, cliffhanger, typos
Note: If you 'can't stand the heat', get out of the relationship, I guess. And though I wrote this, I couldn't see how it should end. (EDIT: That's... quite funny now if I think about it.)It'll be neat to hear if you think he should go or stay.

"So, you're leaving," I said to his back.

He paused for a moment as he tucked some half-forgotten thing in his suitcase. "And you're home early."

He knew today was the day I came home early. "I thought you were joking."

His chuckle sounded bitter. "So did I."

He closes the suitcase and straightens, his body broad and mature, the body of a grown man who could do what he damn well pleased. But not this. Not to me.

You can run, and you can hide, Duo Maxwell, but you won't be able to escape what this is between us. I sure as hell can't, and I like to believe we're the same in this way.
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Found this in my work journal today, half-finished. Based on a question from one of the Kokology books I have at home. It's finished? I'll add the appropriate prompts and some more details later.

Title: Harry and the Surfboard
Author: Ileana (babygray)
Pairings: Implied Snape/Harry
Warning: Psychology, implied sex, implied Snarry, typos
Disclaimer: Harry Potter, its characters, and worlds belong to JK Rowling, Warner Brothers, and other copyright holders. Kokology, and question this story is based on, is written by Tadahiko Nagao and Isamu Saito. This is pure jest.

Harry looked out at the sea, a bit unsettled at the state of the ocean. )


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