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This note book, from the first half of 2005, had a big stain on one corner from where it soaked up a lot of canned coffee. There were a lot of short, interesting blurbs in it. But the notebook is too damamged to keep now...

Random definitions

-penny-wise and pound-foolish-
to be thrifty in small matters but wasteful in major ones (story of my life)

an evil, spiteful woman

to continue to annoy

(cock's comb) a dandy, silly, vain fellow

meddler, but kind of in a good way, though....

*drowning in a tea cup*
overembelishing a sad inconveniece into a great tragedy, and letting this overblown trouble consume you in ways such thighs just shouldn't.


I'll let him know, who I was in your life
I'll let him know, what kind of girl you'd be as a wife.
I'll let him know 'cause there's nothing left to do
Then to tell him the truth
About you.

I think that my whole life will be plagued by lack of breakfast.

... "El papel lo aquanta todo."

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These are salvageable bits from a notebook I'm about to throw away. I tend to have a lot of notebooks that I buy, fill at most halfway, then forget. The drawing is a half-finished doodle of a girl leaving a festival.

Mayonaka no Yaji-san Kita-san/Gundam Wing crossover idea
possible character substitutes

Yaji - Duo
Kita - Heero (seems more likely to be a junkie, as well as connection between Kita and O-yuki)
O-hatsu - Hilde
O-yuki - Relena
O-yuki's father - Zechs (simple relationship change, that)

Inn Owner - Une and ?
Chuckles (the daimyo) - J (not sure why at the moment)
Naniwa Hot - Wufei
Hot Sandwich - Meiran (another relationship change)

Non-no - ?
Rinrin - Howard ( not happy with this one)
Mafia Boss Jiro - Treize
Jiro's Fangirls - .....?
Arthur - Otto
Radio Baba - ?

Mischief Demon - Dorothy
Bartender - Trowa
Mushroom Woman - Quatre
Waiting souls - ???

Funny, the rest of the notebook is a rough draft of a Star Wars/Gundam Wing crossover. Way too long to post here...


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