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I've been back home in the States for a week, so far it's been great. Just being able to spend time with my family is enough for me.

The photo is a combo of an image on the computer screen and a Harry Potter action figure. I won the doll years ago from [ profile] pottersues, but I had it sent here instead of where I live (shipping to Japan is expensive, man). I had thought of trying my hand at another of their contests, but I haven't felt motivated enough to do so.

I have done very little writing this past week, what with family and American TV to spend time with. There was also the small issue of "THE STORY ISN'T WORKING."

I finally had a breakthrough today. As I explained (in simple terms, out loud, to my mother) what the story was about, and what I had written so far, I realized: My opening scene is boring. No action-packed story should start with, "We should do something. Should we do something?" It needs punch! It needs a hook! it needs a Cold Opening!

So I'm full of coffee and with mini Harry P at my side, I'm ready to tackle that story from a different angle.

(And I'll probably post/recycle the rejected opening later... It's not a bad scene. It's just... not the right opening for the type of story I have in mind.)

My poor Kindle is broken. Torn between fixing it or buying a fancy new one.

Harry P needs a companion. Though a Sevvie Snape doll from the same maker/collection is hard to find/darn expensive.

... For some reason, I'm trying out the LJ Talk feature tonight. Because I need to be distracted?
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This week was all over the place for me. Work ended for the summer (yay!) and I went north for a fun, water-based weekend (yay!).

Fukushima, for those who remembered, was one of the areas hit hard by the tsunami two years ago. We went to Iwaki, a city right on the coast, just south of the damaged nuclear plant. The first day was spent at a Hawaiian-themed resort, completely with a Polynesian show and fancy seafood dinner. (I've wanted to visit that resort for a long time, and I left feeling both satisfied and disappointed. I truly expected our fancy dinner to be Polynesian-style as well. Spam, however, is no match for spicy lobster soup.)

The second day included a visit to a temple and its lotus blossoms, a fish market (for souvenir shopping [yes, fish counts as souvenirs] and more fresh seafood for lunch), and an aquarium. (I overheard quite a few aquarium visitors commenting on how delicious the fish in the tanks looked.) There were some signs that the tsunami had swept through (a bent highway sign, piles of rubble, a lack of buildings), but it was also very easy to forget that when the weather was so pleasant and the the turquoise-colored ocean was so calm...

It's creepy towards 2:30 am at the moment. I have a flight to the States to catch later this afternoon. (I'm looking forward to the hell that is economy air travel. No, I don't know why I didn't go to bed...)

Will be working on a fest fic, in between bouts of cursing the airline and my recent dental work. (I'm at the point where I think everything I've written so far is shit, which is good. I usually don't realize I've made a huge mistake until it's almost too late to do something about it.)
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Sweet Jesus, work was boring! Altered a few pictures I've taken, shoved them through a cutout filter, and tada!

1. 2.

Six more under the cut. )

1. Crediting [ profile] babygray_dam would be nice.
2. Comments would be nice too.
3. Don't alter and enjoy. ;)

Photo Comic

Apr. 3rd, 2007 03:34 pm
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While leaving 春 Comic City...I am incredibly bored, and whatever it was that kept me going and working on my 24hr comic is going-going-gone...

Click on the preview picture for a large, one-page comic that I just cut and pasted together using Comic Life and some pictures I took at Haru Comic City. Is it funny? Probably not. Like I said, I was bored.

Four hours and 2.5 pages to pencil.
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Non-picture ramble here. A little about Harry Potter.... )

This photo is from a couple weeks back, on my way to Haru Comic City. Not bad, even though it cost me 1200 yen to get in. -_-

They're off on a journey. Off to somewhere warmer, somewhere of dreams. The sky is clear and the air is pleasant and all signs are green.

Their luggage rolls along dilligently, like good children, like good servants. Never snagging on a stone.

They're off on a journey, off to somewhere bright. Somewhere better than the known.
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We didn't talk as he held my hand. The night was, unsuprisingly, even hotter than the day had been, and I repressed the urge to wipe the sweat gathering just underneath the collar of my cotton yukata.

"You want something before we go?" he said as we walked to the station, lost in a crowd that was slowly moving in the same direction. I barely shook my head in the negative, my throat suddenly desiring the cool sweet rush of shaved ice to spite me. I just wanted to go home.

"You sure?" he asked, a look of concern on his face, his large, warm eyes unhidden by the simple glasses he wore. His concern for me made my skin burn in irritation.

"I'm fine," I answered, deliberately looking away from him and his concern, finding very little to see but the backs of others.

I knew I was being difficult. I didn't need to tell him why.

His thumb rubbed a warm circle against my hand. Neither of us were leading the way through the crowd. We were caught adrift in the motion of others, walking down the narrow side streets like in a dream.

"I'm sorry," he said. The irritation under my skin sunk deeper into me.

"For what," I answered softly.

He stopped, his thick body a boulder in the stream, his grip surprisingly strong as he anchored me to him. I let him pull me towards him, bringing me to stand before him, sheltered by his body from the stream of motion.

"Satchan," he said softly, his inescapable warm eyes taking me in.

... and this is where I get stuck for the night.

The pic is a guerilla shot from the Kumagaya Matsuri last week.


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