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I don't know why this scan came out so blurry....

This was a pencil drawing from way back, Feb. 2006 to be exact. It was in my pile of old notebooks and things, and I had this urge to ink it, color it, and be done with it.

Heero looks awful, I think. And their heads are too large and their bodies are too thin.

I would like to think my artwork has gotten better.

Also: I posted my first deviation in a long time yesterday, a Harry Potter/Star Wars fusion thingie or another. You can find it ----->here<-----. I have mixed feelings about how it came out, but it also features Harry Potter in a Slave Leia outfit, so it's aaaaaaahhhhlllllll gooooooood.

Until next time,

Love and Peace!!!
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Harry Potter <3's Star Wars: Idea the Fifth - The Half-Blood Princess

There's a very good reason for this, I swear. See, remember when I drew that entry for Snape at the movies over at [ profile] snapeartcontest (which you can conveniently get a link to from here)? Well, that had me brainstorming. The comic I posted back in October (which you can see here) was Idea the Fourth.

And if you think the fourth and fifth ideas were bad, you may enjoy the first through third a bit better? They're a bit less insane, I think

Face and hair done on the 25th of last month, the rest done today. Brightness/Contrast touchups and tweaking with Photoshop.

Kiss Kiss! \^.^/


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