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God, I love this picture. Sexy... androgynous... eye patch... even the white jacket is interesting.

... How bad is it that I'm enamored with my own scraps?

Last week's webcam pic: So cute in pink... and such big hair!
Before that: A weird self-portrait, I think...
Before THAT!: More big hair, now with Disney eyes...
And before that: Lackluster effort in green and yellow.
And before that: Girl and Cloud Monster!

... One sucky pic out of six isn't too bad...

Love and peace!
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Summer has come and gone, and it's time I get back to work, yeah?

This one is a couple of days late. I drew a doll version at work (doll, as in stiff and barely emotional), and then drew a more dynamic version with Illust Studio. It's pretty good, I think. If it was cleaner, I would have posted it as a deviation.

Anyways... A few more webcam pics under the cut! )
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I, uh, don't have much to say at the moment. I've been sleeping too much lately, and my mind is constantly on tightening my belt for the upcoming dry season. Dieting is hard... but living on a tight budget is harder.

I was thinking about Hetalia's Belgium as I drew this week's webcam pic.

Love and Peace!
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I bought a couple of magazines tonight, Black Tabloid, which isn't so much a magazine as it is a slim fanbook for the second season of Kuroshitsuji, and I Love Butlers!, which I bought because there isn't a magazine-esque book full of Sadistic Spectacles/Kichiku Megane.

And there should be, dammit. Sure, actual magazines have megane specials, but a mag solely devoted to four-eyed ikemen, please????

... Anyway, the magazines inspired me to draw tonight's delayed webcam pic.

Last week's Harry Potter doodle
The week before that's Summer Viking
The week before that one's weird pink angel something or another...

Love and Peace!!!
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It's a rare thing for me to feel this good about myself, and in a few days, I'm probably look back and think that I was an idiot for being proud for such a dumb thing, but I'm feeling awesome.

You see that pic on the side there? I made it. And I am awesome.

(I posted a bigger version on deviantart, and you should check it out, because it still looks good bigger. ... Because I'm awesome.)

This week's webcam pic: Link it up!  It's... not the Joker, but I don't blame you if you get that vibe. I blame all the green.

Love and Peace! (And awesomeness for all!)
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... I haven't posted the last... 5? 6? webcam doodles, so I'm posting them now, under the magical cut thing. The one from this week you can see on the left. Another try with the IllustStudio that. The rest were done mostly with CGIllust, with a bit of Photoshop here and there. Mostly a little.

... that's a bit of an oxymoron there...

Gintoki, Snarry, and some cute girls... wait, that's not a girl, that Duo Maxwell! )

Love and Peace!
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So, I read the last few chapters of bot xxxHoLic and Kuroshitsuji before drawing this. Yeah.

I was going for sexy... but it ended up looking ghoulish instead.

Also, I want that necklace/broach/chain thing Watanuki wore. I wonder if I can buy that somewhere, or if it's something I'll have to make... blech...

Last week's webcam pic is this one: [[Linkies]] I was listening to Lady Gaga at the time. Yes, I know, Lady Gaga wear a lot less than that...

Love and Peace!
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Another quickie webcam pic. I think that, if I spent more time on these things, they would look so much better...

But I really don't feel like putting more time on it than I've already have...

So I'm thinking that I suck and that I'm stupid right about now...

Last week's webcam image was this one and the week before that one was this one. Things are funny all around, I say.

Love and Peace!
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This week's webcam pic... and she kind of looks familiar...

Did I accidentally just draw myself?

Hair's pretty big... and those lips are kind of sexy...

Guess it doesn't matter. :3

Love and Peace!
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I was too busy going to drinking parties last night and finishing a fanfic chapter today to do this on time, but it's done, and I'm awesome.

It was supposed to have been a bit of fanart for National Foundation Day on Thurs, but nothing was coming along that day. So, whatever.

Level up version: [Here]

Finished that fanfic chapter, by the way. I'll edit it later this week, I guess.

Love and peace!
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Kya, I put a lot of effort on today's webcam picture. So much effort, that I was tempted to post it as an actual deviation for a second there.

The day before, I had this sudden urge for sexy!Hong Kong fanart, but dA was lacking. Well, not completely, but the artists' ideas of sexy weren't the same as mine.

This isn't a sexy!HK picture, either. It's just a portrait, but I can always try again.

... Maybe I should clean it up more, make it better and post it as a deviation then. ふふふ...

EDIT: Level up version: [Here!!!]

Last week's webcam pic. (Linkies) It's not nearly as good as this week's...

Love and Peace! <3
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Monkeys! The goddamn monkeys!

... had nothing to do with this.

This is my webcam image for this week. It's not a very good one, it's just a sketch... and fanart at that. But! That's fine... I guess... it's only going to be up for a week...

... Ugh.

... Anyway... Love and Peace!
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Made it through my first week back to work.

It was horrifying. I've forgotten how exhausting full-time work is.

Today's doodle is supposed to be a boy, but it looks an awful like some girl from that show with all the ninjas.

I don't know. I don't watch that show.

... Anyway, Love and Peace!
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On the road again... じゃないや。 This is actually the first of a challenge for myself.

Let's see if I can post one new picture a week. Nothing fancy. It's only for the 'webcam' part of my dA profile. But I think I need this. I need to prove to myself that I can improve. I need to practice.

... This picture looks vaguely familiar.

I'll try something more dynamic and daring for next week. :)

Love and Peace!


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