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For the past three days, I kept running into homosexual and homoerotic undertones... and not even from the usual, expected sources.

Very long bit about Tom Ripley, The Celluloid Closet, La Mujer del Vendaval, and the Mysterious Death of Jane Austen )


As for the expected sources, I wrote a sex scene (which I will never post) for the sake of getting it out of my head. I was working on the next bit of "A Series of Events" when I had what I thought was a great idea: perving up the detention scene in Half-Blood Prince, the one after the bathroom scene and before Harry's kiss with Ginny.  But the more I wrote it out, the more I was skeeved by the whole scenario: Snape sneakily masturbating with Harry still in the room. I know I'm not the first to think of it, and I hope I can find someone else's version of it, if only to get my version out of my head for good.
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My American summer vacation is nearly over, and I go back to Japan in a few days' time. Has it been a month already?I can't believe how fast time flies sometimes.

I saw a knitting magazine yesterday: The Unofficial Harry Potter Knits. There are a few cute projects inside (my faves are the Forbidden Forest scarf, the Luna-inspired Heliopath Vest, and the Sword of Gryffindor gloves on "Ginny" here. (It's the buttons.)) I'm an absolute beginner at knitting, though. It'd be a while before I build up the nerve to actually make any of these things.

This blog took a better, more expert-y look at the knits in the mag.

Writing, packing, and getting a few last thrills/shopping trips in this week. Long ass plane ride back on Thursday, and back to normal-time on Friday.

I'm missing the summer already.
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I've been back home in the States for a week, so far it's been great. Just being able to spend time with my family is enough for me.

The photo is a combo of an image on the computer screen and a Harry Potter action figure. I won the doll years ago from [ profile] pottersues, but I had it sent here instead of where I live (shipping to Japan is expensive, man). I had thought of trying my hand at another of their contests, but I haven't felt motivated enough to do so.

I have done very little writing this past week, what with family and American TV to spend time with. There was also the small issue of "THE STORY ISN'T WORKING."

I finally had a breakthrough today. As I explained (in simple terms, out loud, to my mother) what the story was about, and what I had written so far, I realized: My opening scene is boring. No action-packed story should start with, "We should do something. Should we do something?" It needs punch! It needs a hook! it needs a Cold Opening!

So I'm full of coffee and with mini Harry P at my side, I'm ready to tackle that story from a different angle.

(And I'll probably post/recycle the rejected opening later... It's not a bad scene. It's just... not the right opening for the type of story I have in mind.)

My poor Kindle is broken. Torn between fixing it or buying a fancy new one.

Harry P needs a companion. Though a Sevvie Snape doll from the same maker/collection is hard to find/darn expensive.

... For some reason, I'm trying out the LJ Talk feature tonight. Because I need to be distracted?
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This week was all over the place for me. Work ended for the summer (yay!) and I went north for a fun, water-based weekend (yay!).

Fukushima, for those who remembered, was one of the areas hit hard by the tsunami two years ago. We went to Iwaki, a city right on the coast, just south of the damaged nuclear plant. The first day was spent at a Hawaiian-themed resort, completely with a Polynesian show and fancy seafood dinner. (I've wanted to visit that resort for a long time, and I left feeling both satisfied and disappointed. I truly expected our fancy dinner to be Polynesian-style as well. Spam, however, is no match for spicy lobster soup.)

The second day included a visit to a temple and its lotus blossoms, a fish market (for souvenir shopping [yes, fish counts as souvenirs] and more fresh seafood for lunch), and an aquarium. (I overheard quite a few aquarium visitors commenting on how delicious the fish in the tanks looked.) There were some signs that the tsunami had swept through (a bent highway sign, piles of rubble, a lack of buildings), but it was also very easy to forget that when the weather was so pleasant and the the turquoise-colored ocean was so calm...

It's creepy towards 2:30 am at the moment. I have a flight to the States to catch later this afternoon. (I'm looking forward to the hell that is economy air travel. No, I don't know why I didn't go to bed...)

Will be working on a fest fic, in between bouts of cursing the airline and my recent dental work. (I'm at the point where I think everything I've written so far is shit, which is good. I usually don't realize I've made a huge mistake until it's almost too late to do something about it.)
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Summer vacation is practically upon me. I have two trips back to back next weekend (weekend at a spa resort then off to the States), so I have a bit of a busy week of cleaning and packing in front of me.

I ran into something weird the other day: fanfiction commission. Well, I say weird. It's just that it never really occurred to me that it's not just fan artists that can sell their skills for a few dollars.

For a moment, I wonder if I could do the same, but then I remember that I can barely write. And that I have a problem with meeting deadlines.

Seems like a nice way to make a couple of dollars, though.

Working on a fic for a fest this week, in between naps and cleaning.

I wonder, is over-researching related to writer's block? Probably yes. They're both problems I've been dealing with for a while.

Say, I want to write about two characters meeting at a cafe. "What cafe?" Uh, Starbucks. "What city?" ...London? "Where in London? Which Starbucks? What do they sell... no, what DID they sell back in... what year?" Um... 2004. "Spring? Fall? What special drink would be available? Would they drink something special?"

... And so on and so forth, until I've learned all about London-based Starbucks cafes but haven't written one word of the story itself. Multiply that by about 10, and that's what I go through every time I try to write something.

I can't "just write" anymore. It's actually a bit frustrating/sad.
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To write, create, and enjoy more Snarry. -BGI've had a bad couple of weeks. Very bad, but I feel a bit better now.

Yesterday was Tanabata. I was too miserable to get and decorate some bamboo.

I do like the fairy tale connected to Tanabata. Well, I say fairy tale. The Chinese story is about a pair of lovers that can only meet once per year, on the 7th night of the 7th month. I think about this story from time to time. I'm hoping to use it as inspiration for a story one day.

People usually hang their hopes and wishes on the bamboo branches. My wish is for less bad days and more good ones. And more money, but who doesn't need more money...

Semi-seriously thinking of joining a fest for the summer. I didn't think I could because of the lack of ideas/depression, but that lifted somewhat and I think I have a good idea for a story. Maybe. I won't know until I start writing...

Worked on the Prince and the Merman, but got stalled a bit.

Vacation starts next week. Someone remind me to not laze out too much.
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Rainy season is here. That makes my hair especially angry.

The Harry Potter Exhibition at Roppongi Hills opens this weekend. There was even a sneak peek for fans and the press on Thursday, something I did not know about until the morning after. I feel pretty darn jealous of those that did get to go. A lot of them even went out in costume! (The sited asked for "cosplay, if possible". ...I wonder if I should get dressed up when I get the chance to go. The site says it's allowed, but...)

On the other hand, if I had known about the sneak peek event, I still would not have been able to attend. I just wouldn't have been able to get there in time. ... I'm not upset over missing it because, as luck would have had it, I would have missed it anyway.

Besides, it's open until mid-September. That gives me plenty of time to go see it. (And maybe get around to putting together a Luna Lovegood costume...)

Working on "The Prince and the Mermaid" this weekend, and not on "A Series of Events" as planned. I've been thinking a lot about posting stories to AO3 as well as FFdotnet, particularly the side stories I wrote some years back. (I'll probably get around to doing that during the summer.)
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There was no post last week, mostly because I didn't do anything at the time. This week, however, I have been a wee bit busier.

Harry Potter/North Korea jokes )

I don't have to work this weekend, so I'm going to spend it working on stuff I didn't get the chance to finish yet. Or sleep. Working extra hours helps my pocket, certainly, but I've been half-awake all week.

I'm looking forward to the summer, if only for a chance to laze out and do nothing properly.
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This past week hasn't been very productive. I had trouble focusing on anything in particular and spent most of my free time either asleep or thinking about things, such as:

1. Why aren't I a bigger fan of No. 6?
2. Why is the Japanese paperback cover of HP1 suspiciously similar to the cover for Twilight: Breaking Dawn?
3. Why are plane tickets so expensive, and become more so the closer it gets to the day you want to fly? And is there any way I could send money to my past self so that she could buy me/us the tickets a month ago? (Time Travel Western Union, where are you?!)

I started making a basic button-down shirt pattern this week. I only just cut out the front part this morning.

On Wednesday, I transcribed some notes I wrote years back for a story I started to post but still haven't finished. The ending I thought up at the time was a downer, with Snape and Harry never getting back together. The new, happy ending involves sea dragons eating Voldemort, which I think has been done before. Not quite sure that's an improvement. (I need to write that story out today, too.)

Worked on Saturday, so I have today, Sunday, to do everything. And, considering that it's noon already, I don't think I'll be getting all of it done. Well, doesn't hurt to try, I guess.

... Also, I think I was supposed to have the next chapter of "A Series of Events" up today. I forgot. Maybe next week...
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It's been a weird week. I've been in a bad mood, but things have been going alright, I think.

Tuesday, I chatted with someone at work, and the talk filled me with a lot of energy. The lady I talked to is pretty much everything I want to be when I grow up (even if she is 10 years my junior): smart, lively, and really good with her hands. She even manned a table at a comic market last year to sell the Uta no Prince-sama dollies she made.

... I've always wanted to get a table at a comic market. My problem is, I don't think I can. I don't think I can draw enough to fill a fanbook. I don't think I can make cute things, at bulk or otherwise. I don't think I can speak enough Japanese to manage on my own. I don't think I'll manage to sell enough to justify getting a table. (That's a lot of not thinking, there.)

I half-thought of signing up for a table anyway. If I sign up for one, then I'll have no choice but to start being decisive and productive for once in my life. It would give me a goal/deadline to work towards.

But, then I remember just how good I am when it comes to deadlines, and how I excel at failing to meet them.

... Good grief, that's a lot of negativity.

I had to work Saturday, so this weekend is a bit ruined. Sunday's the monthly local writer's meeting I sometimes attend, but I think I'll be staying home. I intend to write, but I might just end up sleeping instead.
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This year's Snarry-a-Thon is over, but I still haven't read all the entries yet. I'm only about mid-way through week two. I can still comment on the stories if I want to, right? (What a silly question.)

Another silly question: To respond to comments on my own story, or not to be... responding to comments. (I'll probably start that after having a few drinks. I'm shy and tend to over-think things, so the alcohol should loosen me enough to keep it light, happy, and only a tiny bit grope-y.)


Golden Week ended, so it's back to work for me. I did manage to work on the comics, however. I even inked the first page... only to remember that I still haven't drawn out the second. (Oops.)

I've also worked on the next chapter of "A Series of Events". Maybe this will be the year that I finally finish that story. (I'm not holding my breath, though.)

I want to finish both by Sunday. We'll see if I can manage it.

(I am really riding the creative energy wave these past few weeks. I hope it lasts until at least June.)
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You know how I said I'll be doing a lot this week? That was a lie. All I did was make Russian nesting dolls of Snape and Harry.

... Can you guess which flower was sewn on which? Hell, can you even name the flowers?

I don't know how long these took to make. Five days fiddling with a needle, and I'm still not done. They still need to be stuffed and have their bottoms sewed on.

That said, I think they came out rather cute. I don't make things like this often, so they're not perfect. Still...

I'll finish them tomorrow, and then I'll take them out to take their picture. I'm planning to post a picture of them on dA, because why not?

Still a lot behind on my reading, so I'll be doing a bit of that this Golden Week(end). Ah, yes, Golden Week = 4-day weekend around here. There's still a lot of writing to be done, as well. (At the moment, however, I kind of don't want to...

I wonder if I can bribe myself into working.)
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Snarry-a-thon '13 started last week. I wrote and submitted a short story for it. I'll probably write up a comment and self-critique about it after the reveals next month.

I'm a bit behind on reading everything already posted, but Golden Week is coming up. Maybe, in between chores, writing, drawing, sewing, studying, and exercising, I'll find some time to enjoy everyone else's work.

Because I submitted something, I've been feeling particularly anxious over others' reactions to it. As a result, I've been Googling my older stories and found this:

Best Hero/Heroine
First Place — Severus Snape in "Sweet Afton" by baby gray

I... well. "Sweet Afton" (DW, won an award. That's pretty awesome. Thanks to whoever nominated the story and everyone who voted for it.

I guess the really depressing thing is that I didn't even know about this at all. I found out on Wednesday. Also, they miswrote my name. It's understandable (I guess), but that makes me a bit sad.

(People always miswrite my real name. Now my pen name is getting the same treatment...? *shakes head*)

This week: Working on the next chapter of "A Series of Events". I can't seem to bridge the events of the story with the canon events coming up, particularly the Bathroom Scene and the Detention afterwards. I might just gloss over it.

Also, been bitten by the crafts bug lately. I drew up drafts for a trio of comics and a pair of felt Russian nesting dolls. I'll be making the dolls in particular this weekend.

Nothing but Snape/Harry this week, I think. Even the nesting dolls. This Golden Week might just rival the Golden Week I went to Comic City and saw a Black Butler Musical in geekery....


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