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I don't know why this scan came out so blurry....

This was a pencil drawing from way back, Feb. 2006 to be exact. It was in my pile of old notebooks and things, and I had this urge to ink it, color it, and be done with it.

Heero looks awful, I think. And their heads are too large and their bodies are too thin.

I would like to think my artwork has gotten better.

Also: I posted my first deviation in a long time yesterday, a Harry Potter/Star Wars fusion thingie or another. You can find it ----->here<-----. I have mixed feelings about how it came out, but it also features Harry Potter in a Slave Leia outfit, so it's aaaaaaahhhhlllllll gooooooood.

Until next time,

Love and Peace!!!
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I bought a couple of magazines tonight, Black Tabloid, which isn't so much a magazine as it is a slim fanbook for the second season of Kuroshitsuji, and I Love Butlers!, which I bought because there isn't a magazine-esque book full of Sadistic Spectacles/Kichiku Megane.

And there should be, dammit. Sure, actual magazines have megane specials, but a mag solely devoted to four-eyed ikemen, please????

... Anyway, the magazines inspired me to draw tonight's delayed webcam pic.

Last week's Harry Potter doodle
The week before that's Summer Viking
The week before that one's weird pink angel something or another...

Love and Peace!!!
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... I haven't posted the last... 5? 6? webcam doodles, so I'm posting them now, under the magical cut thing. The one from this week you can see on the left. Another try with the IllustStudio that. The rest were done mostly with CGIllust, with a bit of Photoshop here and there. Mostly a little.

... that's a bit of an oxymoron there...

Gintoki, Snarry, and some cute girls... wait, that's not a girl, that Duo Maxwell! )

Love and Peace!
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I was too busy going to drinking parties last night and finishing a fanfic chapter today to do this on time, but it's done, and I'm awesome.

It was supposed to have been a bit of fanart for National Foundation Day on Thurs, but nothing was coming along that day. So, whatever.

Level up version: [Here]

Finished that fanfic chapter, by the way. I'll edit it later this week, I guess.

Love and peace!
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Kya, I put a lot of effort on today's webcam picture. So much effort, that I was tempted to post it as an actual deviation for a second there.

The day before, I had this sudden urge for sexy!Hong Kong fanart, but dA was lacking. Well, not completely, but the artists' ideas of sexy weren't the same as mine.

This isn't a sexy!HK picture, either. It's just a portrait, but I can always try again.

... Maybe I should clean it up more, make it better and post it as a deviation then. ふふふ...

EDIT: Level up version: [Here!!!]

Last week's webcam pic. (Linkies) It's not nearly as good as this week's...

Love and Peace! <3
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Monkeys! The goddamn monkeys!

... had nothing to do with this.

This is my webcam image for this week. It's not a very good one, it's just a sketch... and fanart at that. But! That's fine... I guess... it's only going to be up for a week...

... Ugh.

... Anyway... Love and Peace!
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Just kind of looks like him for a moment. If you squint. Through a translucent piece of plastic. And drank a fifth or gin beforehand.

The doodle is a rough sketch for yet another comic. That's supposed to be Sephiroth from Final Fantasy VII, by the way.

I'm gonna go drink some more.

Kiss Kiss! ^^
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I was trying for the past week or so to draw something for a Snarry fan club on deviantArt, and this is the result.

It's not good enough to post on dA, however. I'm going to have to try again.

In the meantime, I'm posting it here. Please enjoy.

As I was drawing it, I recalled a story I've read twice, but I can't seem to remember what it was called. I would ask if you know the story, but, as far as I figure, I don't really have any readers, so I think I would have more luck rereading every single piece of Snarry fanfiction I come across in hopes of finding it again. I'm not going to do that now, though.

I've read a lot of stories.

And, hey, maybe I'll get lucky and find it all of a sudden. Like how I usually find something I've lost years ago, only to find it in the pocket of an old pair of jeans. And then I think, "Wow! Super lucky! Instant money!"

Or something like that.

Kiss kiss! ^^

*ETA*: I refound the story I was talking about some time back... It's Sanctum Sanctorum by Witling. I'm half-tempted to read it for the fourth time... (5/29/10)
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Harry Potter <3's Star Wars: Idea the Fifth - The Half-Blood Princess

There's a very good reason for this, I swear. See, remember when I drew that entry for Snape at the movies over at [ profile] snapeartcontest (which you can conveniently get a link to from here)? Well, that had me brainstorming. The comic I posted back in October (which you can see here) was Idea the Fourth.

And if you think the fourth and fifth ideas were bad, you may enjoy the first through third a bit better? They're a bit less insane, I think

Face and hair done on the 25th of last month, the rest done today. Brightness/Contrast touchups and tweaking with Photoshop.

Kiss Kiss! \^.^/
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For the fifth straight week, I woke up way too early and sick to boot. And I had so many plans for today and the weather was so perfect.

I spent most of it asleep, but around 5pm, I decided to draw a little. Hence the redhead to your right there. If I didn't know better, which I don't, I would have thought that I accidentally drew Aya from Weiss Kreus...

Sorry, I'm still sick.

Also, yesterday I posted a new comic on deviantArt, this one featuring Harry and Voldemort, which had gotten a lot of hits, but it may be a little too stupid for most people's tastes... Warning!: Mentions mpreg, features crappy drawing and CAPSLOCK OF RAGE-ing....

The comic's under here.... )

Maybe I should go take some medicine.

Kiss Kiss (but only metaphorically, because I don't want you to get sick too ^_^)!
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These two pics were drawn for [ profile] snapeartcontest last month, and while I didn't win, it did get the creative juices flowing. And I got a bit of my Star Wars geekiness out. :)

Sports Day Snape (then and ... then) (for the general monthly contest)

Return of the Potions Master (for the 'Snape Takes a Role in Famous Movies' contest)

I drew a new entry for the Halloween contest, but I'll post that here after the contest is over. You'll have to go to the community's main page or the contest page to see it (for now).

... Promise to post something new this weekend. Maybe. :)

Kiss Kiss!
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Sports Day at Hogwarts, Circa 197X

Screw a week from now.

I spent way too much time last night on this little mistake. I used Comic Art CG to color it and Photoshop for the text. It's easier to manipulate the words with PS than it is in CACG, but the tools on CACG are easier for me to use at the moment. (Meh.)

And now that I've finished with that, I can work on the 'better' version. Same jokes, but with slightly less craptacular drawings.

Note of interest:
I HATEHATEHATE the second panel. HATE IT!!!! It looks so fucking stupid!!! ARGH!!!
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Thirty minutes, top, via a tablet and teh Photoshop.

I went to see the new movie today (and all I got from it was a sore bum and a headache that Still hasn't gone away) and I'm currently listening to one of the HP-centric podcasts mostly to find some connection with someone about it all. As they chat about how they're going to cope with how the canon plays out, I feel sad. Only because I don't have someone to commisserate with if my hopes for the book are shattered.

... I never was this obsessed with the books. I blame the whole Snape-kills-Dumbledore thing.

I think I feel this way because I'm listening to the staunch Snape fangirls and I'm just feeling a lot of empathy for them.


I really do wish I had someone to enjoy the last book with...
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I'm not sure if I've mentioned this before (mostly likely, I have), but I've been keeping a daily sketch book for the past eight months now, I think. Although, I would be lying if I said I drew in it every day.

Today's pic was a drawing I did on 6/13. About a month and a half before, I read ThreeSidedOrchid's entry for the Snarry Games, The Red Cloak, and while it wasn't my all-time favorite from the Games, the visuals it gave me stayed with me for a while.

The sketch is not as good as I hoped. The background is not gray enough (it may have been a mistake to use the brown), and I'm still a little bit convinced that using the black pen to outline Harry was also a mistake. (Although, are looking at it again a few minutes later, it reminded me of stained glass windows, the sort you see in a church.)

... In other news, that picture is currently posing as my wallpaper until something else catches my eye.

Kiss kiss! \^o^/
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I finally stopped making Harry Potter avatars last week or so, and after being exposed to the truly awe-inspiring Vagina Power videos everyone else has seen, I did some avatars using some quotes from that as well.

(Although I doubt anyone will), if you're going to use any of these for your own journal, please give me credit on the comment line ("by [ profile] babygray_dam" should do it.) No hotlinking, either, yeah?

(Somehow, I doubt I'll have any trouble with people showingany interest.... but...)

Click the cut for the whole batch.

4 Vagina Power and 11 HP avatars.... )
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I posted a new avatar on my dA account. Um, the one on the right. But, I somehow did two inferior (?) versions of it, and I figured they shouldn't go to waste.

... Oh, and if you're so inclined to use it yourself, any version, please, pretty please, give me credit in the comment line? ("by [ profile] babygray_dam" should do it. It's only the polite thing to do, and I need all the love I can get. ^^)

The two other versions only differ do to the color of the lettering and the placement. They're just here to be given a proper burial.

Inferior? version one and two )

Look forward to a bunch of them later. ^^
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Just to let you know, I am extremely tired, a bit hungry, and way past my bed time. Drew Snape a minute ago into my journal, just so that I had something in there to proof that yes, I'm trying to improve and that, yes, I have the drive to better myself.

... Yes, feel free to laugh at that last line.

Either case, Snape is not in my usual style. I would like to blame the pen and High and Mighty Color for that. But, really, I only have myself to blame for the thing, yeah? And while the Snarry Games have started and I've been reading the entries, I tend to draw Snape once every ten days anyway. The fact that he looks more cartoonish than usual and in brown Copic multiliner is just slightly more interesting than usual.

Tonks, on the other hand, was drawn way back in the begining of March. Petit 1 pens. A bit of touch-up with whiteout that doesn't completely hide the mistake... and changes the ink on top of it.

I wanted to show her off to someone earlier, but I forgot. Besides, it's in my journal. it's not like I can delete her in the near future. I actually like this doodle of her. Mostly because I never drew her before (or have since...)

Kiss Kiss! Go Team Postwar!!! (And Team Wartime too, sure... ^^)
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I was (re)reading a particularly long Snarry story, Pledges by Amireal [link], and at one point, her Snape says to himself, Albus really should consider changing his wardrobe to include tights and a cape.

... So.... here's a version of that. In stages. Underneath the cut.

Super Dumbles... AWAY!!!! )

And now, after all that hard (snort) work, it's time for bed. Kiss kiss ♥ \^_^/
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I finally finished cleaning up his curls. Now I have to work on the clothes.

God have mercy on us all.

You probably noticed, I changed the bolero. I'm not certain if I'll keep the frills on the jacket. The white I'll probably keep, but I'm still on the fence about making the accents purple.

The outfit, by the way, is based on a design I saw in GothiLoli vol. 7, created by someone called 台風ラジオ (Taifuu Rajio). It's Chinese-style, and rather simplistic, compared with all the other crazy designs submitted to the sewing magazine.

It's also something I would love to make/wear someday, which is probably why I'm making Heero wear (a variation of) it.

Anyway, I may have to change the sleeves on the drawing. And now that I changed the bolero, I may have to forget about the little hat he was wearing in the rough sketch altogether. I'm not sure Chinese-inspired clothing goes well with Western inspired accessories, you see. I'm sure that hasn't stopped people before, however...
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I didn't do much today. I sold some games and my PSP, I ate dinner, and I worked a little on the linework for the Gothic Lolita Heero I posted last month.

I say a little because all I did was clean up the lines making up his face and bangs, and then started to shape the curls.

That's it.

Do the curls look goofy to you?

Colored really quickly with Photoshop, although I'm doing the linework with Comic Art CG. Isn't that semi-retarded of me? Not really sure, actually.


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