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A Gundam Wing fic...

Title: Tequila Shakedown
Author: [ profile] babygray
Pairing: Duo/Heero
Warnings: 2+1, crossdressing, off-the-cuff, typos, references to Murakami (again), really dumb, and probably too short for most people's tastes (also: the ending sucks?) Typos. No beta.
Disclaimer: This is just fanfiction, non-profit and just for fun.
Notes: Written in Feb, 2004, for my birthday. Yeah.
Word Count: 2085
Summary: Relena conjures up a plan to prove Duo loves Heero, or is straight. Whatever. (It's really just an excuse, I think.)

Crossdressing!!! )
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A Gundam Wing fic...

Title: Electronic Boogie
Author: [ profile] babygray
Pairing: Heero/Duo
Warnings: Typos. No beta. AU, Implied sex of the boy-on-boy variety
Disclaimer: This is just fanfiction, non-profit and just for fun.
Notes: This story is based on the 2002 Gundam Wing Calendar. Each of the Gundam pilots had a two-month spread in that calendar. My plan had been to write a story based on each spread, but I never got around to finishing the second story. So this is, sadly?, a one-shot sort of thing. And don't bother trying to find 2002 Calendar images online. Or, rather, do, and if you find them, please send me a link. My originals are back home, and th place I knew had them is gone, gone, gone. Here, thankfully enough, is part of the image that inspired this.
Word Count: 3327
Summary: Team Wing is ready for the dance-off competition of the year. Heero's strange dream and the vaguely familiar face of a rival must wait.

The metallic city arched up and around him, forcing a white-blue sky. The heat of the reflected sun made him feel all the more real. )


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