Aug. 27th, 2014

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I kind of wish there was still time. Or maybe I'm write one more post this week, just so that I can title it "Hot Times/Summer in the City".

This summer... It had been years before I actually had a good summer. I worked a few hours a week, which meant I didn't end up staying inside my little house for days on end, sweating my way into depression and boredom. I spent too much money, but all for the good cause of visiting Harry Potter Land and getting my grasping hands on a Sailor Uranus and a Sailor Neptune mini-figurine... because you CANNOT have one without the other.

I do regret not working hard on my WIP-pile. There had been days where I floundered with nothing/too much to do. On the other hand, my output during vacation time is about the same as my output during work time. And I got some things done (even if those things happen to be related to Bioshock Infinite's trophies) and had fun doing it. So... win/win?

Sketch is based on Supernatural 9.02 ("Devil May Care"). I've kind of decided to sketch something for each episode of season 9 over on Tumblr. I wish I thought of it back in April, when I started watching the series, but... meh. That's just something to look forward to when I watch it all a second time.


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